This year La Casa de la Seda and Barcelona Guide Bureau partner to manage the guided visits and events of this 18th century emblematic building, home to the Col·legi de l’Art Major de la Seda (silkmakers association). We welcome you to enter and discover this hidden gem in the heart of Barcelona.



Eva Barajas –

Product Manager

Eva makes sure that everything runs smoothly like silk. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Master in Audiovisual Translation and a Postgraduate in E-commerce. She is a lover of literature, languages, traveling, people and, definitely, Barcelona! When she finished her studies she started her professional career in the tourism sector where she could put together all her passions. If you want to organize the perfect event or an exclusive private tour at La Casa de la Seda do not hesitate to contact her.

Elisabet Garcia – Accounting

Elisabet has dedicated her professional life to work in management, control and accounting departments both health and education sectors. She counts on a diploma in business and a degree in management as well as a master’s degree in accounting and management control.  She recently joined to give support to the accounting and finance department.


Clara Ferrer – Community Manager

Clara grew up in a Catalan-Belgian family in the rugged yet beautiful Costa Brava (North of Catalonia). Thanks to her degree in Computing she has a technical perspective although she soon became interested in the commercial field. To this end, Clara has since acquired a Postgraduate degree in Tourist Company Marketing and accompanied this with her work in the tourism sector. Her fundamental objective is to provide excellent Customer Service. She believes each person is a world and that our unique personalities and characteristics require unique and personalized services.

Sheila Dorrego –

Project Assistant

Sheila was born in baixo Miño, Galicia. She gratuated in Art History in Santiago de Compostela and spend her last academic course at Granada´s College. She specialized in Contemporanean Art, Modern Art and Heritage Conservation. Currently, she studies a Master’s Degree on Tourism and Humanities in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her pilgrimage though several cities has given her a broad perspective in her training on Humanities.



Artur Costa

Artur Costa

He was a professional actor before he started touring the city with visitors as a guide. He is a veteran whose communication skills and British Mediterranean sense of humour stand out. Accurate, clear information and objective interpretation are his trademark.
Languages: Català, English, Español, Français.

Francesca Gufoni

Francesca Gufoni

She has been living in Barcelona since 2005 and working as a guide since 2007. She loves telling stories and giving hints on where to visit in Barcelona, a city which she finds amazing. For her, being a guide means giving a different and deeper insight of the places visited, and doing a job that is different and fun every day.
Languages: Català, English, Español, Français, Italiano.


Laura Coch

Laura Coch

Laura holds a Degree in Tourism and a Master’s in Cultural Tourism at the University of Girona, where she has also taught lessons on Tour Guiding. She is passionate about history, arts and languages, and loves to work directly with clients. These aspects are part of being a tourist guide, a job that she enjoys and makes her feel fulfilled.
Laura’s enthusiasm is contagious and she loves to surprise our visitors. She grew up dancing, acting and singing, which have enhanced her communicating skills. She also likes to travel, cook and the cinema.
Languages: Català, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano.

Mónica Sánchez

At the age of 8 or 9 she wanted to be an architect but ended up studying tourism and history of art. Early on, she knew she would become a tour guide. She started working at the age of 20 as a tour manager travelling all over Europe, and a little bit later she started the adventure of showing her own city. Barcelona is the place to be for an architecture lover who enjoys and is proud of showing its wonders to visitors. Thanks to her education, Mónica is a great specialist in art museums.
Languages: Català, English, Español, Français, Italiano.


Mònica Surís

Mònica is passionate about art and considers it a privilege to be cicerone of her home town. Mixed with the secrets she loves to share about Barcelona, it has all made her a very versatile guide. After more than 20 years’ experience in the tourism sector, she believes that “At the end, the most important is not what you explain but how you explain it to ensure that each person has their best experience in Barcelona”.
Languages: Català, English, Español, Français, Italiano.

Núria Bargalló

One of our most enthusiastic guides, Núria is cordial, has a simple personality, pleasant manners and is easy to communicate with. She has a great capacity of improvisation and adaptability to all circumstances, and is a dynamic, well organised and reliable person.
She enjoys meeting people from all ages and nationalities, and despite her many years of experience she still gets a thrill from witnessing the evolution of the Sagrada Familia’s construction works!
Languages: Català, Deutsch, English, Español, Français.


Sònia Crespo

She is one of our most well qualified guides and holds two degrees in Tourism and Business Administration. She is proud of her city and passionate about her job. She loves natural things and meeting people from different places. Walking with her is like seeing the city with a joyful friend, who makes you discover the secrets and stories of every corner. She easily identifies the needs of every type of costumer and solves problems with a refreshing and solid guiding style. She is also very knowledgeable about the most important painters.
Languages: Català, English, Español, Français

Abel Roca

Those who know him well call him “Googleman” because of his passion for and knowledge of new technologies. He moves around on a bicycle. He is in love with Barcelona and Catalonia, and started working as a guide during the 1992 Olympic Games. A tour with him is a very enriching experience, he combines explanations on different subjects with a savoir faire based on his experience. He has information on a variety of subjects thanks to his passion for reading.
Languages: Català, Deutsch, English, Español



Caterina Donzelli

Caterina was born in Milan, Italy, but she lives in Barcelona; she worked for six years as an actress and, as she enjoys theatre, she also enjoys communicating. In fact, what she finds most satisfying is making herself understood by those who don’t speak her language, because the desire to communicate with people goes beyond words.That’s why she likes being a guide, and being able to meet people from different countries and cultures. She loves Barcelona because of its art, the wonderful narrow streets in the Gothic quarter, and because there she can take a nice walk along the seafront or in the mountains. In her free time she loves reading and cooking, just as every good Italian does!
Languages: Italiano, Català, English, Español, Français.

Mireia Gutierrez

Mireia holds a degree in Tourism and has studied and is passionate about Art History. She has a good understanding of the travel industry working in the field for over 20 years including posts in Spain, the UK and Japan. It was only recently that she started tour guiding, something that she had wanted to do for a long time, and now doesn’t regret any second of it! To her, meeting people from other countries and cultures and being able to share with them her knowledge of Catalonia and experiences is very enriching. She would like to brush up her Japanese language skills and loves English humour and salsa dancing.
Languages: Català, Español, English, Français.